Season 8 is the eighth season of The Squishables that has been planned to go on from between June and September 2016 to June-August 2017. The main characters from Seasons 2 to 4 (aside from Lubch, Thaud, Mape, Explosve, and Dool) might make cameos in this season as well. At least two of the main characters of Season 7 won't be main characters in this season due to them switched with different students. However, they, might become secondary characters for this season (along with the secondary characters of Season 7. Extop will make a comeback in this season with the same nice attitude as before (for the most part at first anyway), but she'll be alone for the first time since Season 5 because the class in Season 8 isn't an ICT one. The same goes for the students since none of them have a para this season (again). The classroom for Season 8 will be based off of one of the real-life math classrooms in Curtis High School (again) since to Curtis High School's new principal's (Mr. Jaenicke) favorite subject being math and being a former math teacher as well. This season could also be the last of the series, so if it is, then it will eventually have a series finale as well. But if not, then Season 9 will go back to how the series was in Season 1.


  • Even though the season might be the series's last, because Natty23 has two brothers now, there can be one or two series that will be very similar to this one.
  • This season will eventually have more videos with the characters speaking other languages (Spanish, Latin, French, and Italian). The text will also be in another language.
  • So far, it may seem like the animation and art style might actually be intact for this season (despite changing into a mixture of the brush and pencil tool recently), but as Natty23 will have to take an art class, the art style (and maybe animation style) could improve as the season progresses since he requested that he wants to be in the regular art class (where you learn how to draw, add shadows, do canvas/watercolor paintings, and etc.). The only difference is that the pencil and line tool could be used alongside the brush tool this season, just like in Season 7 (at least at some point).
  • Starting from this season, Symnel and Ster have a proper front view.

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