The Squishables
Season 2, Episode 11
Date April 13, 2011
What-To-Do Send in a poem from a pocket
Characters Lubch, Explosve, Grate, Thaud, Err, Beja (easter egg), Cee (easter egg)
Written by Nathanael Cameron
Directed by Nathanael Cameron
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New York State Testing Program Part 1 - ELA



  • This is the first The Squishables episode or animation to be done for I.S. 61 since Be A Champion.
  • Only Lubch is shaded in the cartoon (including anything he holds).
  • Mape and Skippy are the only characters that don't appear anywhere in the episode at all.
  • This episode was originally held off for April 14 instead of April 13, although someone close to the creator suggested that he releases the episode the day before instead.


  • Aside from Beja and Cee's "poem," none of the poems shown to Lubch were actually seen or read to viewers.
  • Apparently to Lubch, the poem wouldn't be counted if someone won, didn't came from a pocket, or if the owner of the poem arrived late.


  • Grate's poem completely disappears when Lubch tells Err to get going.
  • When Err leaves the screen, her hair switches sides.