• Who's character: Dogery
  • How he got name: Looked Pale and Looked like Coaly last year
  • Gender: Boy
  • Color: Blue violet

Paley, along with Bodster, Cerge, Walky and Quily was part of the South Park Squishable Style Animation.


  • He is the almost popular character.
  • Due to Paley and Coaly looking alike, they have some sames and differences.
    • Same: They are both shy.
    • Same: Had to be forced by other squishable helpers.
      • Coaly: Had to be forced by a line helper.
        • He didn't want to do anything but walk around but the line got him and was dragged from off-screen as the line takes him somewhere off-screen. it is possible they were gonna defeat a ememy or 2.
      • Paley: Had to be forced by Smally as what he did to Paley:
    • Difference: Paley was Blue and violet while Coaly was gray, which is impossible for coals to be that color altough it is possible it is cartoon way.
    • Difference: Last year Coaly was Madino's Character. However, Paley this year was created and actually he is Dogery's Character. This year Bander is Madino's character.
    • Double Difference: Dogery's place was 1st last year and a idol was 1st. Now she is 3rd and so Paley is too. Madino was fifth last year and Coaly was too. Now Madino is 6th and so is Bander.