The Squishables
Season 2, Episode Episode 2
Date September 21, 2010
What-To-Do Earn O's all day for a reward. In this one, get a squishable in trouble for no reason.
Characters Lubch, Thaud, Beja
Written by Nathanael Cameron
Directed by Nathanael Cameron
Episode Guide
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Cerge's Pretzels 3


The episode starts with Lubch hating the squishables. He thinks they are so annoying and then he see's an event called O Day, for Outstanding. He hates the word Outstanding so much it makes him explode. He forced Thaud to get Beja and later, Beja got a lot of P's instead of O's. He mentioned this was going to be his worst before the pile of P's (poop) fell on him.


Lubch: Ok that's it! I had it! These squishables are starting to annoy me- wait,

(he looks at a sign that says "Good job! O Day Outstanding!" with a smiley face)

Lubch: What is this?

(closeup at sign)

Lubch: O Day? Outstanding? Oh my gosh I hate the word outstanding! It makes me explode!

(while he says "explode" a explosion animation plays)

(scene cuts to Thaud resting on a chair)

Lubch: Thaud! Are you dumb? Get Beja for me right now!

Thaud: You mean Beja?

Lubch: Yes you dummy!

(Thaud quickly leaves from the chair)

(text "Later,")

(cuts to Lubch and Beja)

Lubch: So Beja, I was expecting you.

Beja: Oh no!

Lubch: Anyways, I guess you won't be getting any O's. So you'll be getting, a lot of P's instead.

(Beja is shocked)

Beja: This is going to be my worst.

(Poop covers him)

Beja: Ok could someone get me out of here please?


  • This movie was made because of O Day.
  • This is the first appearance of Beja.
  • P's stood for Poop. O stood for Outstanding.
  • Beja was different in this toon. He was turquoise and the top of his shape was round. In future movies, he was blue and his top was squared. He was also taller.
  • This is one of the two episodes of the Squishables Season 2 (not including the Cerge's Pretzels short after it) with the ending credits being typed and the only episodes of Season 2 ever to be done in September.


  • Thaud's chair is on no floor. She also looks away from Lubch during her line. This could be possible she was going to get someone. Also, she stops speaking before she actually finishes her sentence.
  • Beja is so far away from Lubch it's like a class is going on.
    • These goofs are because mrcontesty was still learning flash although he learnt it 7 or 8 months ago that time.
  • Despite the fact the website says this was done on the 23rd of September, it was done on September 21st, according to the YouTube channel.