The Squishables
Season 1, Episode 8
Date February 14, 2010
What-To-Do Celebrate Walky's birthday
Characters Walky, Smally, Beamer, Quily, Paley, Cerge, Hanger, Bander, Bodster
Written by Nathanael Cameron
Directed by Nathanael Cameron
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Cerge's Pretzels 2



  • The only time Bander was seen in this episode was when he was at the door about to surprise Walky and when he was shocked that Hanger, Bodster and Beamer got shooed away by Smally.
  • This, for some reason, has the highest views than any other Squishable episode in the Season.
  • This movie was made because it was one of the teacher's birthday, making Walky being the main protagonist of the movie and Beamer the main antagonist of the movie.
    • Smally, too, was actually a protagonist in the movie too since he actually helped ruin the surprise.
      • This means everybody but Smally and Walky were the antagonists of the movie since they wanted to do a surprise scare to Walky.
  • There was 3 music loops playing basically for the entire episode.
  • Only Smally, Walky, Beamer, and Hanger spoke.


  • Beamer would again upset Smally in Relay Race, in which he said to him she wouldn't leave when Smally told her to, making Smally make Paley beat her up.


  • Apparently they had paper in the previous episodes, but there wasn't a printer until this episode. One example showing paper would be in The Carol, in which Smally uses paper to


  • When Smally looks at Walky (in which Walky was offscreen at the time) when she got the printer, his eyes change from a dot to a line.