The Squishables
Season 2, Episode Short 7
Date May 18, 2011
What-To-Do N/A
Characters Lubch, Thaud, Beja, Cee, Explosve, Grate, Err
Written by Nathanael Cameron
Directed by Nathanael Cameron
Episode Guide
New York State Testing Program Part 2 - Math


Grate tells everyone to try the new fruit juice ice cups the school food program had. Other squishables had their opinions about it. Of course, one doesn't like the fruit juice ice cups while the others enjoy it.


Grate: The school food program has something new for us this year. It's cool, it's cold, it's new fruit juice ice! May 26, 2011. They are 100% fruit, with whole fruit, with added ingredients, and naturally flavored. One flavor is Orange Pineapple.

Lubch: Ugh, I hate it.

Thaud: Cool!

Grate: Next is Strawberry Pomegranate.

Beja: Oh I hate strawberries.

Cee: And I just ate it. (drool comes out from his mouth) Uh...

Grate: Finally, we have Wild Cherry.

Explosve: Oh it's wild!

Lubch: Again, sucks.

Beja: (to Lubch) Hey!

Grate: (to Beja) Enjoy Wild Cherry by the way Beja!

(Beja walks offscreen)

(transitions to Err and Grate)

Grate: (to Err) Enjoy Strawberry Pomegranate!

(Err takes the fruit juice ice cup and eats it, then smiles)

Err: Good!

(transitions to Lubch and Grate)

Grate: (to Lubch) Enjoy Orange Pineapple!

Lubch: (turns away from Grate) Ugh, I'd never.

(Grate frowns)

(Screen pauses and color changes to grayscale)

Grate: Be sure to try these premium frozen juice cups May 26, 2011.


  • This is inspired by the NYC Department of Education's new Fruit Juice Ice (or Premium Frozen Juice Cups) they made.
  • This is the only toon's size that is not 640X360. It used a border outside the toon and that's why its a different size.
  • The flash toon is here:
    • The goofed version is seen below.
  • The Youtube version is here and was stretched to be 640X360:
    • Note the goofed version never was bothered to be uploaded to YouTube.
  • This is the last short of Season 2 of the Squishables.


  • The word "Pomegranate" from the Strawberry Pomegranate cup was orginally misspelled as "Pomegranaate". A few minutes after its release, it was fixed. This error can be seen at this link: