The Squishables
Season 2, Short # 1
Date September 24, 2010
Characters Cerge, Lubch, Smally
Written by Nathanael Cameron
Directed by Nathanael Cameron
O Day
Ray Kroc


The short starts with Cerge saying welcome. However, Lubch pokes in and say's he's not in this season's group. Smally also agrees, but Cerge tries to cheer them up by giving them a soft pretzel for 1 dollar. Lubch punches him, and he and Smally both say "Pretzels!", happily showing a pretzel.


Cerge: (pops up from counter) Welcome to Cerge's Pretzels!

Lubch: (pokes in) Wait you're not in our group!

Smally: (also pokes in) Yeah! Don't listen to him!

Cerge: (worried) Wait, (shows a pretzel) want?

(closeup of pretzel)

Cerge: Soft pretzels for 1 dollar!

(camera views to everyone, then Lubch punches Cerge)

Lubch and Smally: (showing a pretzel) Pretzels!


  • This marks the first time a character (actually two characters) from Season 1 make it in the flash program. Paley was to schedule in a Cerge's Pretzel easter egg for an unfinished episode.


  • When Lubch says "Wait you're not in our group!" it should be "Wait you're not in my group!".
    • The only way this is ok if he's mentioning Thaud or another of his squishable students.

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