The Squishables
Season 1, Short # 1
Date November 12, 2009
What-To-Do N/A
Characters Cerge, Smally, Hanger, Walky, Quily, Bander, Beamer
Written by Nathanael Cameron
Directed by Nathanael Cameron
Cookie Dough Part 2


  • This is the very first Cerge's Pretzels commercial to be made ever.
  • Every main charactter excluding Bodster and Paley appeared in some way in this episode.
  • The commercial mentions that people can go to Cerge's Pretzels to get a $1 pretzel starting from November 12, 2009. Coincidentally, the commercial aired on that date.
  • For some reason, the commercial was filmed at night.
  • This is also the very first short of the series.


  • Walky's pretzel had an open gap, and Beamer's pretzel was only drawn halfway. However, she may have taken a bite of it.
  • Smally's shadow is moving the opposite direction of Smally when Cerge and Smally jump in the air.

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