The Squishables
Season 3, Short # 4
Date October 22, 2011
What-To-Do Bowling Trip notice
Characters Lubch, Thaud, Err, Dool, Mape
Written by Nathanael Cameron
Directed by Nathanael Cameron
Quarterly Exam pt1


The short starts with Thaud entering the screen and reminding Lubch that they were invited to a bowling trip. Lubch answers what bowling trip is it. She says the bowling trip at Showplace Bowling Alley, and that they'll be going on Friday, November 4. Err says that it's her first time and she can't wait. Dool agrees, and Mape says she hasn't been there before, but she has been to Rab's before. Then Lubch tells the four of them to shut up, and there is a pause. After that, Thaud says they'll be paying twenty dollars, Err says there's shoe rental, and Mape says that there is pizza and a drink, with Dool scared, but Lubch explodes and interuppts Mape's line, then after a while, she finishes her line. The others became shocked.


  • This movie is based on the I.S.61 Bowling Trip at Showplace Entertainment Center.
  • This marks the debut of links to websites.
  • There is one easter egg in this cartoon.
  • This is the shortest short when this was released, unless you count the easter egg, making New Students the shortest.
  • This is Thaud's first appearance on Season 3.
  • Hidden in the flash file is a Lubch message poorly made, saying "OUT OF SIGHT!". No audio. It's also in the frames between the end of the short and the start of the easter egg.
  • The explosion animation in this is the same as Binder Check.
  • This is the first Season 3 animation to have a loading screen.

    The loading screen for this short.

    • In fact, this is the first time in any of mrcontesty's flash animations that he added a loading screen.
  • With Thaud's appearance, this makes all characters appear in Season 3 of The Squishables.
  • In this short, they call the bowling alley "Showplace" for short.
  • The area after Mape is an extension of the hallway.

    The entire hallway (for now)

    • Class #605's teacher's name is actually not only a swear word but an offensive term to certain people as well. At the time, though, Natty23 thought nothing of it and meant for it to parody the word flag (he was also only 11 at the time). He now regrets ever using that word, even if he didn't know the true story behind it back then.


  • When this was first released, there was one completed easter egg, but at the menu it said there was 0. This was fixed shortly after release.
  • Mape's "drink" line is louder than her previous line.