The Squishables
Season 3, Episode 6
Date January 13, 2012
What-To-Do Do Black and White work
Characters Lubch, Thaud, Beja, Skippy, Opex, Dool, Cee, Mape, Err
Written by Nathanael Cameron
Directed by Nathanael Cameron
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Triple Point Day
2nd Marking Period's Death


The episode begins with Lubch resting at his desk. Then Thaud comes and asks for a black and white costume. Lubch denies this since she is grey and she wouldn't need one because she is grey. Thaud told him that grey isn't black or white. He stated that grey is middle color of black and white and then throws her out. He then starts class by saying that they'll be doing black and white work since it was Black and White Apparel Day. The students groan and want some fun for once. However, Opex and Dool actually like the lesson. Next, the students were told to take out Black and White books left in their desks. When Lubch told them to say something about Black and White, no one but Opex wanted to answer. Lubch decided to let Mape answer instead. Mape only knew that they were a color. Lubch got extremely mad at her and yelled that Black and White photography was popular today, and Mape said that was true, and she ended up receiving -10 points (or minus 10 points as Lubch says it). Lubch was upset at the lack of work. However, Opex said that Black and White photography was also his answer, but Lubch didn't care. Err, mad at him for making her work, threw a Black and White football at him, and got Lunch Detention. The episode ends there.

Easter Egg

A student yells at Thaud for not having a Black and White costume. Thaud said that she didn't receive it, and got thrown a Black and White football at too.


  • This is based on Black and White Apparel Day at the creator's school.
  • This is the first animation to be uploaded in 2012 of Season 3.
  • This is possibly the first episode to feature Lubch's desk.
  • Thaud's last name is revealed in this episode, and it's Schneider.
  • Both teachers got thrown Black and White footballs at.
  • Her do now, if you can figure it out, shows that she let's the kids have more free time than Lubch does with his students.
  • Thaud apparently has her own class. Her main subject, though, is unknown, but in the episode, it also had something to do with Black and White Apparel Day, only that it was more fun.