The Squishables
Season 6, Short # 2
Date December 18, 2014
What-To-Do Advertise a Bake Sale Fundraiser
Characters Ster, Symnel, Octopuff, Flagstick, Toppy, Bursle, Wiverpent, Gampi
Written by Nathanael Cameron
Directed by Nathanael Cameron
The Squishables Season 5 Memories



  • Another possible music choice for this short was Astral Dreams. However, someone preferred Calm Congos over that song.
  • The pizza was drawn in 39 smoothing, but was optimized to make it smoother since it was a closeup.
  • This is the first announcement short to not be released to Newgrounds.
  • This cartoon was based off the Annual Bake Sale Fundraiser that occurred at the creator’s school.
  • Production for this short began exactly a week before its release since the posters for the Annual Bake Sale Fundraiser started appearing during that time.
  • Season 6’s shorts’ intro and outro didn’t even exist until this short was completed.
  • This is the first REAL announcement short of Season 6.
  • Numerous assets were reused from Curtis Career Connections and Freshmen Supply List, such as bodies and lip sync, and although this time the animation was done in 1280 X 720, which is the real size of this cartoon as well.
    • However, Ster’s and Wiverpent’s bodies are new, and Toppy mainly reuses the lip sync for when she said “post-its” in Freshmen Supply List.
  • Had it not been for procrastination, this short would’ve been slightly over a minute long (excluding the intro and credits), so it was cut to 30 seconds (excluding the intro and credits again). However, even shorter procrastination made the short even shorter, making its final length (cutting out the intro and credits once again) around 20 seconds.
    • As a result, thanks to these procrastinations, this is the shortest announcement short by far.
  • Wiverpent has shading, but it’s not that easy to see, especially since she appears for only a second.
  • All of the props were referenced to other images, but none were traced and were completely drawn in Flash.
    • The painted backgrounds were also created by Nat29.
  • This is the first The Squishables cartoon to return to the jagged lines, although the shading style was kept and the mouths are slightly more similar to the ones back in 2009 to Early 2012.
  • This is the only announcement short of Season 6.